Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to check something on someone else’s phone without them knowing? Maybe you think your child is hiding something from you or your employee is not where they should be during the working day. Or maybe, you’ve had suspicions that your wife might be cheating, but you have no solid proof to confront her.

If you’ve encountered any of these problems, you’ll probably benefit greatly from an app to track their phone without them knowing. But what is the best phone tracker app right now? Well, we’ve done the leg work for you and consulted with psychologists and other professionals in the field as well as scoured surveys to find out what are the best phone tracker apps of 2020.

We’re going to showcase 11 phone tracker apps for you, so you can decide which one works best for your particular situation. Now, read on to find out more!

What Is Phone Tracking?

Phone tracking basically means you can have access to another person’s phone or that phone’s information without having to physically have the phone in your hand. Phone tracking can be as simple as tracking a phone’s location, or it could delve deeper. You can track SMS messages, phone calls, pictures, videos, and even social media accounts.

With some phone tracking software, you’ll basically have a clone of their phone with access to their WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and other social media apps. Some software even goes as far as to give you access to their camera and record voice clips and surrounding sounds without the owner knowing anything.

With all this information from the comfort of your home, tracking a phone without them knowing has become easier and easier over the years.

Why Do You Need to Use a Cell Phone Tracker App?

There are a number of reasons why people use a cell phone tracker app. Like we mentioned before, a lot of the time, phone trackers are used as a form of parental monitoring. The world can be a scary place, and being able to track your child’s location while they’re out or set up Geo-Fencing to alert you if they leave a certain area can give you invaluable peace of mind. Not only that, but you can protect your child from the dangers of the internet by monitoring their messages and social media accounts.

Alternatively, you might want to track an employee that you think is not completing their job properly, or maybe you think someone in the company is leaking confidential information, but you have no way of finding out. This is where mobile phone tracking without their permission would be so useful.

Another common reason people turn to phone tracking is when they feel like their spouse isn’t being faithful to them. Phone tracking apps have been used to catch cheaters thousands of times already. It’s the most efficient and effective way to do this because you get instant access to any messages being sent between the two people involved, AND you can track their location to exactly know where they are right now!

Here are some testimonials from people who have used phone tracking apps successfully:

“I had my suspicions that my wife was cheating on me for about 6 months, but I had no proof. She’d suddenly started dressing up more for work, had more late-night meetings and business trips, and it just gave me a bad feeling. I didn’t want to confront her without proof, though, so I got a cell phone tracker and downloaded it to her phone. Sure enough, I saw all the messages they’d sent to each other about when they would meet and where. So, I went and confronted her! It was the best thing I could’ve done. Now I’m happy and in a faithful relationship, all thanks to a phone tracking app!”

David, 39, California

“My young teenage daughter had been acting weird for weeks and I wasn’t sure what was going on. She became withdrawn and wouldn’t talk to me about anything. I didn’t see her with her old friends anymore and she wouldn’t tell me who she was hanging out with now. After installing a phone tracker app, I could see where she was going every night to hang out and I followed her. Turns out, she got in with a bad crowd and I am so grateful to the app for allowing me to put a stop to it before it got any worse! Thank you!”

Caroline, 45, Minnesota

Best 11 Cell Phone Tracker Apps in 2020



mSpy is a leading phone monitoring app that has already helped thousands to locate a cell phone without permission or monitor the mobile phone in a variety of ways. With mSpy, you get a tried and tested product. Something previous customers attest to as a way to monitor someone’s phone without being caught.

With mSpy you’ll be able to monitor:

  • GPS location
  • SMS messages
  • Call log
  • Web history
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Whatsapp
  • Snapchat
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Instagram
  • Skype
  • iMessage
  • Tinder
  • Line
  • And more

And those aren’t even all the features! With this much information, you will easily be able to keep your child safe from online predators and ensure they are where they say they are at all times. If you need to find out whether your partner is cheating on you, then you’ll have full access to all their social media messages and you can see exactly what they’re messaging to other men or women.

You might think that mobile phone tracking without permission requires a degree in computer technology and an A+ at spy school, but it’s a lot easier than you think. With mSpy, for example, all you have to do is choose the package you want, pay, download the app onto the target phone (if necessary) and then log into your account on whichever device you want to monitor the target phone from.

Android phones always require physical access to the phone to download the app, however, if you have the iCloud login information for the target phone you can sync it up remotely without needing access to the phone.

So, how much will all this cost you? It’s surprisingly cheap, considering what features you get. For a one-off month, it’ll set you back around $22.99. If you want the app for longer though, it just keeps getting cheaper. For the premium version with all the bells and whistles for 12 months, for example, works out as just $16.66 a month.


SpyBubble is another great app to track a phone remotely. This one can also monitor WhatsApp and Facebook messages as well as capture keystrokes. However, SpyBubble can also remotely activate the camera of the target phone and take photos of the surroundings. It can also record phone conversations which could be really helpful if you’re trying to catch an unfaithful spouse in the act.

SpyBubble offers you the chance to try out the app before you buy with a 3-day free trial. They also offer a 14-day money back guarantee, which should offer some peace of mind when deciding which app to purchase. There are two options when you purchase, the standard subscription where you can monitor one device, or a family package where you can monitor up to five phones.


MobileSpy is a phone tracking app with a ton of great features too. Whether you want to check out the location of your teenage son or check up on some questionably long phone calls your wife has been making secretly, this app could be the one for you.

You can monitor location, text messages, WhatsApp and Facebook messages, their calendar, websites visited, photos/screenshots as well as videos and call logs. If you’re planning to use this as a form of parental monitoring, you can set up Geo-Fencing, which means you will get an alert when they leave the pre-approved area. Pretty neat!


If you want a one-stop shop for monitoring an Android phone, iPhone, tablet or computer, then FlexiSpy could be the answer you’ve been looking for. When it comes to monitoring a cell phone they are one of the most feature-packed options! These include recording phone calls, logging keystrokes, listening live on phone calls and monitoring all photos and videos.

One thing that sets FlexiSpy apart from the rest is that you can order a phone to your door with FlexiSpy already installed. If your partner, child or employee is looking to get a new phone this would be a great way to do it. You won’t have to worry about getting caught uploading the app. If your place of work issues work phones then even better, order them from FlexiSpy and start tracking.

Highster Mobile

One thing that will set Highster Mobile apart is the fact they offer free lifetime upgrades with just a one-off payment of $69.99. There’s no monthly fees with this one, you just pay one time and that’s it!

With Highster Mobile, you can monitor calls as well as set restrictions on incoming calls. You can monitor all the major messaging apps like Hangouts, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, Kik, Line and Skype, amongst others. Monitor emails, contacts, browsing history, website bookmarks, and more! The cherry on the top is that you get unlimited device change with the one-off payment too.


XNSPY is targeted towards parental and employee monitoring, but it can also be used on your partner if you suspect something fishy might be happening.

XNSPY can monitor the same features as most apps like messages, calls, web history, and social media accounts. In addition to this, they can record phone calls as well as general background noise when the target phone is not on a call. They offer an instant alert service, so you can decide on some key words and if any of them are used in a message, it’ll alert you immediately.


Another app you can try for free first is SpyFone. Monitor in real-time the target phone’s iMessages, Facebook and Instagram messages as well as phone calls, Gmail, notes, and location. Nothing will get past you with access to all this information remotely, any time, any day.

One cool feature that stands out is that you can recover deleted messages. So, even if the person you’re tracking tries to delete certain messages, you can still see them! If you need to use a cell phone tracking app without permission, then you can give SpyFone a try.


Hoverwatch offers all the usual features of phone monitoring like WhatsApp, Facebook, calls, messages, search history, and more. They also, however, offer this service on Windows and Mac devices too, not just mobile phones. You can register all the keys logged on the target device.

There’s three subscription options with Hoverwatch; personal, professional and business depending on how many devices you want to monitor. The business subscription can monitor up to 25 devices!


FamiSafe is targeted towards parents wanting to monitor their kids’ activity on their devices. Nowadays, most children, even at the young age of 3, have their own tablet or smartphone. It can be a great tool for entertainment and education, but there are dangers that go hand in hand with that.

Without your child even knowing, you can monitor their web activity, messages, pictures and screen time and also put restrictions or locks on certain apps. The geofencing is also really useful to alert you if your child leaves a certain area.


Looking to monitor someone’s Android phone, iPhone, tablet, iPad, computer or Mac? Then Spyera could be the one for you. They claim to have the most features of any spy app with keylogger, SMS, social media messaging, web history, media files, and location tracking, to name a few.

If you are planning on keeping the app for a while, you can remotely upgrade and update the app without having to reinstall.


Spyzie is a popular choice if you want to locate a cell phone without permission. It works both on Android and iPhone and can monitor WhatsApp, location, SMS, calls, web history, and more.

This one is a little on the expensive side as you have to get the Ultimate subscription to get all the cool features which starts at $39.99.


So, there we have it. 11 awesome mobile phone tracking apps and a little snippet into the features they offer and the types of uses they would be good for. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the choices of tracking apps out there but don’t worry; just go for a good all-round app that isn’t going to cost you an arm or a leg. Personally, I love mSpy for how easy it was to install and use as well as all the features they include. It had everything I needed. Whichever app you decide to go with, make sure it’s the right one for you and your monitoring needs.

Сell Phone Tracking App Without Permission FAQs: What You Need to Know

With something like phone monitoring, especially monitoring without permission, there are probably a hundred questions running through your head. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to contact support representatives from a few different monitoring apps as well as psychiatrists to gather up the most commonly asked questions. Here are the answers to those burning questions you’ve got.

Can you spy on a phone without accessing it?

Yes, but it is difficult. The only way to do this is through the use of iCloud but then you will need to know the target phone’s iCloud login info.

What is the best free phone tracker app without permission?

All the best tracking apps require some payment, whether it’s monthly or a one-off payment but SpyFone and SpyBubble offer free trials.

What is the best app for phone tracking without permission?

One of the most comprehensive phone tracking apps out there is mSpy which boasts a ton of features at a reasonable monthly rate. It has specifically useful features for those wanting to monitor their child, spouse or employee.

Will users know the software is installed or running?

No. The way these apps work is they run in the background and in “stealth mode” so the target user can’t even see the app is downloaded on their device.

Does the target iPhone need to be Jailbroken?

For some apps and some phones, yes. Some apps though, like mSpy and others, will have specific subscriptions for jailbroken or non-jailbroken phones.